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Learn how UNIWeb is helping researchers and university administrators increase their productivity.

Who is it for?

From an entire university to a single department, research centre or research association, any research organization can benefit from UNIWeb and its add-ons. UNIWeb gives researchers the tools that they need to find collaborators and create a web presence for themselves, their students and their projects.

Unparalleled Benefits for Research Institutions

Watch how UNIWeb can help your institution implement its vision and your researchers achieve their goals.

Institutions Benefiting From UNIWeb

Universities, research associations and research centres are using UNIWeb to eliminate administrative duplication, while advancing their organizational objectives. Contact us to learn how you can do the same.

Specialized Services and Support

UNIWeb can be installed on premise or hosted on the cloud. The cloud hosting is an ideal option for deploying UNIWeb without extensive IT involvement. We take care of the hardware, software, IT staff and all operations. We help you improve operational efficiency and scalability, to lower costs and maintain high availability and security.

Data Migration Assistance

Useful for institutions that have legacy systems with academic data that needs to be migrated into UNIWeb.

Custom Report Layouts

Download Word documents that comply with the layout rules of progress reports and internal academic CVs.

Training and Workshops

While UNIWeb has an intuitive interface, we know that a percentage of the faculty body still benefits from in-person workshops.

Limitless possibilities with Add Ons

Add-ons provide your UNIWeb with new functionality. What's more, new add-ons can be developed by your IT department to extend UNIWeb in new and innovative ways.

Test Drive UNIWeb

Our trial period allows institutions to try UNIWeb without any commitments.

People ask these questions

UNIWeb is not meant to be used by a single individual. However, there is no requirement in terms of minimum number of users, and the subscription costs are calculated based on the number of users, so UNIWeb can be purchased for a small group, such as a team of researchers or a university department.
Yes, there are video tutorials for regular users and for administrators. There are also manuals to read.

UNIWeb offers both automatic and manual import/export to the CCV. The automatic export option includes additional time saving and data integrity benefits. When a researchers export their CV to the CCV website, the following actions take place automatically:

  1. The CV data is checked once more against the constraints defined by a CCV funding template. This is because it is much faster to correct errors in UNIWeb than in the CCV website.
  2. A backup of the entire CV stored in the CCV website is created and saved in UNIWeb. This backup can be easily restored (in the CCV website) at a later time if needed.
  3. The data in the CCV website and in UNIWeb are compared to make sure that the CCV does not have items that are not in the UNIWeb CV. This is because in some unusual cases, some researchers might have modified both their CCV and their UNIWeb CV in different ways. UNIWeb is able to detect these unusual situations and guide the user to resolve the data conflicts.
  4. The data is exported to the CCV website.
  5. If selected by the user, UNIWeb also applies ticks to 'Submit' checkboxes in the CCV website based on the dates of Activities, Contributions, Memberships, Recognitions and Research Funding History. This step alone can save researchers from having to perform a time-consuming and repetitive task on the CCV website.

The automatic import from the CCV website offers a similar set of steps that include automatic backups, data integrity validation, and the preservation of metadata added to publications in the UNIWeb CV.

UNIWeb is as multilingual as it gets. You can choose to instal UNIWeb with a single language or with multiple languages. What's more, the users themselves can enter the information in different languages.
UNIWeb is a product of Proximify Inc. Find out more about us at
Yes, there is a powerful API that can be used to populate the content of institutional webpages. That is, the information in UNIWeb is communicated to other IT systems via the API. It also works in the opposite direction when IT systems write information into UNIWeb.
Yes. This is a standard feature of the UNIWeb software. UNIWeb is accessible via single sign-on; for example, a Shibboleth single sign on approach is currently in place at the University of Ottawa: see
Absolutely! All the members of a research institution can have accounts and benefit from UNIWeb. In particular, graduate students are linked to their academic supervisors, who in turn tell UNIWeb about the expected graduation date of the students. When students graduate, their system status is changed to Alumnus.
Your are a very perceptive person! Yes, we love The IT Crowd TV show and we love Moss. We also strive to build close relationships with the IT teams that work with us.

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